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How To Change and Replace Vape Cartridge on ECIG

If you notice that you are not getting the full flavor from your vape device and not enough cloud, then it is time to change the vape cartridge on your device. We recommend that you replace the vape cartridge on your device every four weeks for the optimal vaping experience. Depending on your ecig vape pen system, you either must replace the vape cartridge altogether or sometimes you can refill them or change the coil inside them. Todays, article is going to cover how you can quickly replace the current cartridge on your vape device with a brand new one Our top tip is to always carry a spare vape cartridge on the go with you so that you can quickly change it anytime. Vaping on an empty ecig cartridge or atomizer is not pleasant at all and gives you that burnt taste down your throat, which can't be good for you, unless you make use of a cartridge filling machine.

1) Power off your ecig vape device and if any USB battery charger is connected please disconnect.

2) The bottom part of the ecig vape pen is the battery and the upper section is the atomizer or cartridge.

3) Turn the cartridge anti-clockwise, it will take a few turns around before it comes detached from the battery connector.

4) Throw away the old cartridge and clean the battery terminal using a tissue to remove any leftover e-liquid from previous refills from the old cartridge.

5) Line up the new cartridge with the battery connector and gradually turn it clockwise until it is securely fitted onto the battery. Remember not to overtighten it as this will only cause problems when you remove it again later.

6) Depending on your type of vape device the cartridge may already be prefilled from the factory of eliquid. However, if it’s just got a new glass and coil, then you will need to prime it with new fresh e-liquid. Unscrew the top cap and begin vape cart filling with e-liquid until you reach to the maximum fill level. Please allow the vape device 10 minutes before using to ensure that you get maximum flavor and so the cotton wicks inside the cartridge are nicely soaked up.
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